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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

News of Baby Lisa, mystery lady Maria

Although Greek authorities say the kid taken from a Roma encampment seems to be a minimum of 2 years older than Kansas City’s Lisa Irwin, her oldsters were hopeful weekday that the kid referred to as Maria is their missing girl.

Greek authorities, investigation mystery lady Maria, alerted to Baby Lisa’s disappearance in kilocycle per second.
We’re making an attempt to not get our hopes up an excessive amount of, however we tend to area unit terribly hopeful that she can be Lisa,” the missing girl’s mother, Deborah Bradley, said.

Federal investigators in Kansas town aforementioned they need been in reality with authorities in Greece once receiving calls once photos of the lady found with a Gypsy couple appeared within the media.

We area unit following up on those calls by reaching intent on the Greek authorities similar to we'd with any investigation by reaching intent on our la social control partners,”
aforementioned Federal Bureau of Investigation representative saint Patton of the Kansas town workplace.

The family recently free associate degree age-progression image that shows what Lisa may seem like these days.

The inquiry into whether or not Maria can be Lisa was reported reported to be among eight leads being taken seriously by Greek police, in step with The Telegraph in nice UK.
Bradley aforementioned she and Jeremy Irwin haven't given up hope.

“No matter what pops up that claims that it's going to not be Lisa or it's going to be Lisa, we tend to area unit still progressing to check out it similar to we tend to do everything else,” she said.
“We check up on everything, each lead that comes our approach in spite of however uncertain it's or what it entails.”
When a lass found at a gypsy camp clothed to be kidnapped, many folks hoped and thought she can be baby Lisa, United Nations agency went missing from her crib 2 years past.

The little lady, named Maria is presently living in an exceedingly cluster home till her oldsters will be placed.

The Greece government has conjointly opened in emergency investigation and full inquiry into all birth certificates issued in Greece once January one 2008 in hopes of checking out if additional youngsters are attached the couple liable for taking Maria and therefore the different youngsters.

Authorities determined that the lady didn't belong to the adults United Nations agency she was living with and straight off began destroy ribonucleic acid tests and searching for her biological family.